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Find Your Joy; Find Your Success in Doing

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Your joy is found not in finishing an activity, but doing it.” Greg Anderson. How often do we fail to find joy?  What would happen if our joy was directly connected to our doing something, whatever?  Would we be more motivated; have more enjoyment and ultimately experience more success?

All human being shared the same destination, that being death. Our journeys to that final end of the road are indeed different and unique as we are all different and unique individuals.

Far too long people have been lead to believe that knowledge is power and ultimately success. That is not true.

Only when we apply knowledge, do something, do we gain power. We now know what we know and know what we don’t know. We learn through our mistakes of doing and gain additional even more more knowledge and continued success. As John Maxwell wrote years ago “We fail forward.”

Our joy and consequently our success is directly connected to our purpose:

Why are we here right now in this moment of time?

After reading the On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy, I wrote my purpose statement and it hasn’t really changed much during the last 20 years.

I am a trailblazer.

For those who read this blog and some of my other writings, they will recognize how I challenge the status quo by blazing a trail that others have chosen not to take.  For example, many of my contemporaries believe salespeople create value.  I don’t and continue to write about how value is unique to each person or buyer.

Then there are my thoughts about public education, college debt and an ill equipped workforce.  Until we dismantle the current system and construct a new system based on what motivates people to learn we will still have a poorly educated and unmotivated workforce.

So what do you truly enjoy doing?

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Great Salespeople Truly Never Give Up

Once again, we witnessed how the underdog, the team, the individual never gave up. This “never give up” attitude is also embedded within great salespeople.



2016 was and 2017 appears to be years where the can do attitude, never give up attitude will triumph over the can’t do one. Henry Ford is quoted as saying:

“Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, either way you will be right.” 

How many times do we allow our own inner voices and sometimes the outside voices of others defeat us when we are so close to winning, to success?  Thomas Edison realized this when he said:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Great salespeople persevere especially when the going gets tough. They keep moving forward even when defeats happen.  F. Scott Fitzgerald also recognized the essence of perseverance when he wrote:

“Never ever confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”

American Author, William Feather echoed Fitzgerald’s words through a different bullhorn.

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”

There will always be naysayers who will be quick to shout your defeat.  Great salespeople shake these words off like dogs who shake their coats after after running through the rain or snow.

Years ago I read something about “if you give you, you never truly wanted it.”  For sales success,  you must want success beyond the dollars and cents.  Money as a motivator is necessary, but not truly sustainable.

As my husband, a now retired entrepreneur said:

“It is not a question of do I know it, but rather one of do I want to do it?”

His words reflect an internal desire to want to win that goes beyond the external rewards of money, status and recognition.   The want to is how his and our  own self-confidence, self esteem and self worth are reaffirmed.

Great salespeople know how to overcome the limitations preventing them from sales success. Many live by these words of General Hannibal:

“We will either find a way or make one.”

Do You Want to be Among the Great Salespeople?

Learn what motivates you to never give up!

Take advantage of this special offer by CLICKING HERE.


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Who Helped Me the Most in 2016 – George Richardson A Gentleman’s Gentleman

One of my colleagues, Jim Keenan, wrote a blog posting about who helped him the most in 2016.  He then went on to answer how this person helped him.  Keenan shared his posting with me and it got me thinking, truly thinking, that deep, dive down to your guts type of thinking of who helped me the most in 2016.

helped-me-the-mostI made a list of people who had gone out of their way to be supportive.  As I read the list, I saw the names of old friends and new friends, clients, colleagues and even some authors with whom I never had a conversation.


However, one name surfaced after all this introspection and that name was George Richardson. My connection with George began back in 1999 when I met him at a quarterly conference sponsored by Resource Associates Corporation .

Over the years, George has always been a gentleman’s gentleman full of grace and incredible knowledge.  He is one of the few individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing who always gives credit where credit is due.


George’s support was always present. He facilitated the knowledge of psychometric assessments such as Innermetrix Attribute Index, DISC and Values. George was always willing to share articles or those crucial tidbits of information to fill in the knowledge gaps. Finally George was very generous with his time including scheduling a mastermind meeting every two weeks to help other executive coaches and consultants to better understand these psychometric assessments.


One of my goals in 2016 was to improve my understanding of these three (3) specific psychometric assessments and how they can provide insight into the field of talent management. An article I wrote on LinkedIn Plus was partly the result of George’s insight.


Sometimes knowing someone is out there that has far more experience than you and is willing to support you means so much.  George readily answered questions be it through emails or the master mind sessions.


Knowing that one false statement to a executive coaching or sales coaching client can have far reaching negative impact, George’s support provided additional clarity so I would be better prepared to avoid making those statements.


In today’s world, there are still some people who are selfish with the sharing of their knowledge because they fear the competition.  I am so grateful George is not one of those people.


My world has much greater clarity when it comes to understanding and then sharing the results of these psychometric assessment tools.


George Richardson you are a blessing to this world, thank you.


Please copy and paste these “who helped me the most” questions into your blog, your Facebook page or wherever you place your content marketing.  Share your thoughts as well as your heart to uplift another and shine a bright light onto the pathway for 2017.

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The Advent of the New Year Is Coming to You

For Christians the Advent season is one of awareness because of the forthcoming resurrection of the anointed one, Jesus Christ.  Yet, this word advent reaches beyond a religion and really into the New Year.



Advent comes from the Latin word “adventus” meaning “coming” or “visit.” The word implies being aware of that coming or visit.

Much of what we do in life is out of unawareness because of a lack of clarity. We are not aware because we have not invested the time to gain the clarity we need.

We are too busy thinking about today, worrying about yesterday and failing to look forward to the coming of tomorrow.

Clarity comes from the awareness we receive from reflection.  Investing time to reflect, to think about the forthcoming opportunities to be achieved in tomorrow as well as the  New Year is essential.

We have zero control of what comes into our heads as our senses are continually working. However we have 100% control over what we consciously allow to stay in our heads, our thoughts.

When we choose to be aware, to be forward thinking, we are placing ourselves in positions to receive opportunities that others may not see or experience. No longer are we operating on automatic pilot where we restrict our results and limit our potential.

Each day is the beginning of a new year.  How we choose to be aware of that coming is totally up to us as sentient beings. So as you look to the advent of tomorrow remember through clarity you can look forward to the coming of not only tomorrow, but of the New Year.



May the New Year Be Filled with Incredible Peace and Abundance

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Why Not Everyday Instead of Just the Holidays?

Holidays are incredible important times to reconnect with families and friends.  Yet why must we only be very thankful on Thanksgiving or shop locally on the Saturday after Black Friday?  Why do we not engage in these behaviors all year round?

holidaysFor years people appear to be nicer during the Christmas season.  There are more friendly smiles; more generous gestures.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we showed our gratitude everyday or every week by doing one special thanksgiving action?

How about we make a weekly effort to shop local?

Why can’t we smile and say “Make it a great day” to complete strangers instead of just wishing people a “Merry Christmas” during the December holidays?

Life is crazy busy. We get so wrapped up in our day to day trials and tribulations many of which are beyond our control, we forget how great life really is.  Each day is a blessing, a day to be grateful, a day to be merry to others.

Years ago I heard one small drop of water raises the the ocean’s level. Imagine for a moment each us doing one small action every day or even weekly that reflects our gratitude, our joy and our kindness to others? That action is our one drop of water.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your support and may your life be filled with peace and abundance.

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Setting the Sail of Your Life to Face the Winds of Change

Each of our lives is very much like a boat with a sail.  The winds of change among other winds drive our boats over the seas of chaos and calm. Sometimes we may through out the anchor in a protected harbor during terrible storms. Other times we just allow ourselves to drift aimlessly. Sometimes we even set the sail purposely because we have a predetermined destination.

winds of changeThis past week I listened to Donald J. Hying Bishop of the Archdiocese of Gary, IN speak at a local B2B networking event.  His topic centered around the spirituality of work from a “cosmic perspective” and “gifts from the creator.”  One of his quotes was:

“When you set the sail of your life to the Holy Spirit, then life is great.”

Regardless of what you believe the source to be, the winds of change are incredible.

I recognize not everyone who reads this blog is a Christian. Yet if you believe in a “creator,” then his quote has relevance.

In speaking of gifts, the Bishop said:

“When talent’s aren’t fully utilized, frustration happens.”

How many times are people in roles where they aren’t happy because their talents or gifts aren’t being fully utilized? Yesterday I met with a potential client who was very unhappy about his current role and was seeking a career change. His frustration was directly connected to not being able to fully utilize his talents.

In working with executive coaching clients who are in career transition, many of them feel frustrated to even despondent.  My sense is their talents, their gifts had been thrown overboard and drowned in the seas of chaos.

The result of this frustration is confusion and a lack of clarity. These executive coaching clients in career transition believe they have limited to no choices to changing their life. In some cases, the end result is giving up and allowing the winds of change to set their sails and blow them further off course, away from their final destination.

Isn’t it great that sometimes what we hear and what resonates with us does come from an unexpected messenger?

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Always Keep Moving Forward

Life is hard. Sales is hard. A clip from a Sylvester Stallone movie sums up what we must do:



Keep moving forward.

How often do we stop being who we are because we are unhappy with our results?

How often do we look to blame others for our inability to move forward?

How often are beaten down to our knees thinking we can never get up?

How often are we hit hard in our guts, so hard we lose our breath, our momentum?

Stallone recognized the hardness of life. He shared our success is all about how many hits we can take and still keep moving forward.

Winston Churchill said “Courage is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Churchill understood about taking hits and moving forward.

Of course to keep moving forward suggests you know where you are.  Yet so many people lack clarity as to where they are. They are unable to determine if they are moving forward or moving backward.

Keep moving forward is a mental belief and attitude.  This goes beyond try, try and try again.  This is truly an integration of mental fortitude, physical stamina and of the spirit. As the old expression goes “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Alex Karras said “Toughness is in the soul and the spirit, not the muscles.”

Life is indeed hard.  To think otherwise is probably foolish. No one owes you anything. Your life success, your sales success is up to you, your beliefs in yourself, your ability to vision your desired future and then create a plan to get there.

If you are unhappy with your life, with the hits you have taken, then get up.  Push forward. Realize you are one of many who have taken hits. Look around  you.  There are probably others who have been hit much harder than you have.

Do not stop being who you are and just keep moving forward.

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Every Day Remember You Do What You Are

Action is what people see and what you see. In the movie Along Came a Spider, Dr. Alex Cross makes this statement “You do what you are.”  Your doing is what counts; it is what others see.

you-do-what-you-areIf you are not making those sales calls, then that suggests you are not committed to increasing sales to actually being afraid of rejection, failure.

Top sales performers and effective leaders recognize they must continue to do and that doing is what they are.

Yes you can change what you do and thereby change who you are.  You can learn to be:

  • Better communicator
  • More emotionally intelligent
  • Effective leader
  • Relationship builder
  • Innovator

Just because today you do what you are does not mean tomorrow you must be that same person.

To start this change begins with an assessment (Attribute Index) to know what you do well. From my experience over 98% of the people I have worked with do not know what they do well.  They soon realize the incredible number of opportunities that have missed to:

  • Improve their lives
  • Increase sales
  • Even reduce stress

From any valid and proven assessment be it the Attribute Index or another, you can begin to clarify what you do and then recognize who you are.  Now you can initiate the necessary course corrections to change what you do.

Schedule a call to learn more about this proven and incredibly accurate assessment.

What you do what you are is really about is alignment.  Aligning your behaviors to your own internal thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs.

If you wish to change your results, then that change must begin with your actions. To change your actions requires you to back pedal and understand what is driving those actions.

You can say to yourself all day long until the cows come home “I want to increase sales” or “I want to lose weight” or “I….(fill in the blank)”,  but unless you are doing the necessary actions, you will not achieve any of those wants.

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Labor Day Is About Tenacity

Labor Day here in the USA is a day to celebrate the results of daily labor.  Think back to the earlier origins of this country.  Settlers carved farms out of wilderness.  Even into the 20th century and the wave of legal immigration created thousands of small farms that led to the industrial economy. Tenacity is one shared value that all these workers from farmers to steel workers had in common.

Labor-DayTenacity has many definitions. Chuck Norris believes that tenacity is “The ability to stick to it when things get tough.” So, how many times will you stick to it as you labor forth?

From our childhood experiences, we are told to “Count to 10” before allowing our temper to guide our behaviors or taking other types of action before we think. On this special day, this paradigm is a great way to reinforce our own tenacity as we overcome those obstacles that are keeping us from securing personal success to business success.

How many times in our search to improve our businesses, do we seek solutions from the outside and fail to look within ourselves. Have you considered assessing your own tenacity and looking within the word tenacity?  Did you see the word ten – 10 – within tenacity?

The Tenacity Power of 10 automatically creates a self-fulfilling prophecy by strengthening your own personal resolve because now you are in control of your own destiny. Years ago, Henry Ford penned these words: “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

Business success or personal success is a matter of choice.  Being tenacious is also a matter of choice. You can choose to be tenacious towards success or to be tenacious towards failure.  For me, there is only one choice and failure is not an option.

TAKE ACTION and assess your own tenacity and its impact on your business results.  Enjoy this national Day of Labor. Make each day a day filled with peace and abundance.

Note: This posting was from a column published by the then Post Tribune of Northwest Indiana back on September 3, 2007. Due to the multiple mergers, this column is no longer online and I thought it would be a good idea to reflect about this concept of The Tenacity Power of 10.

Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans!


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The Simple Power of a Handwritten Thank You Note

Do you remember as a child writing a thank you note for a Christmas or birthday gift?  I certainly do.

thank-you-noteMy mother would write out what to say and then I would copy it onto a note card or a piece of stationary. Of course being a child, my participation wasn’t without some complaining and reluctance.  When I became older, I would compose each thank you note individually to express my gratitude for the gift.  Yes Mom still asked me even as a young adult “Did you remember to write your thank you notes?”

Today writing thank you notes appears to have become a lost art.  People are too busy or maybe they did not have parents guiding them in this particular behavior of expressing gratitude.

Yesterday I received a written note from a social media colleague. We spoke over the phone just to get to know each other.  I would have sent him one, but I could not find his address.  On Monday, I will send him a note.

With technology especially through social media appearing to overrun the communication process, receiving a handwritten thank you note is very powerful for both parties.  First, the person writing the note acknowledges his or her gratitude or appreciation.  Second, the person receiving the note is genuinely pleased. Third, both of them have strengthened their relationship and keeps them grounded as real human beings.

Personally, I do attempt to send at least one hand written note a day just to keep my own humanity in check.  Life is so much more than fingers dancing over a keyboard.

To isolate ourselves through social media and other technologies such texting I believe is one of the current downfalls.  People no longer know how to authentically communicate. Reading body language to actively listening is also a diminishing soft skill set.

Just think how you feel when you receive something in the mail beyond the business size envelope or endless marketing flyers.  You may wonder who is this note or card from? Why is he or she writing to me?  Then when you open it, you may be pleasantly surprised by the few words thanking you for just being you.

Yes the simple handwritten thank you note is indeed very powerful.  And my thanks to my mother for instilling in me the power of this form of communication.

* * * * *

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is THE People and Process Problem Solver for leaders who desire a Forward Thinking Sales Culture. She supports executive leadership in bridging the sales culture gap of people and processes that restricts SMB sales results. If you want to increase sales, then call Leanne at central time USA to solve your disengaged employees and ultimately your disengaged sales culture as well as improve your own sales results. Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.


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