Leaders and Just Letting Go

letting-goLetting go for leaders is easier said than done.

Feelings are hurt.

Points need to be made.

Personal reputations sometimes are at stake.

After all, leaders are human beings who feel emotions just like everyone else.

And yet how does harboring all those negative feelings move you forward as a leader, as someone who is ahead of the flow?

Where does what appears and may turn into “tit for tat”  actually get you?

Have you really changed anyone’s behavior or beliefs toward you or the situation?

Sure letting go is hard and sometime it is very hard, almost impossible or so it seems.

However if the other person’s behavior is fairly consistent, then does it not make sense to move above it?

Failure in letting go so often translates into what appears to be mud wrestling or worse yet king or queen of the mountain.

Effective leaders know how to let go and to turn those situations around into positive interactions where their leadership actually shines instead of becoming diminished.

Leaders recognize some people are petty.

They realize  some fellow co-workers need to engage in corporate politics.

Then they see those who are just power hungry because their positions of authority are so limited.

Finally leaders probably more than any other type of individual regularly encounter  those who will use any excuse, any reason to put you down because their own self image is so shallow.

Great leaders understand human nature and learn to move above the fray by letting go. Then they turn these negative encounters into positive opportunities to showcase not only their effective leadership, but their positive core values and Business Ethics.

Yes, just letting go is not easy. Years ago my father gave me some advice that I truly did not appreciate until after he passed on.

Just let it go as water off a duck’s back.

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