Too Busy To Be Grateful?


Small business owners to sales professional are indeed very busy people. Between rushing to this meeting and that, making those ongoing and necessary business to business connections, completing all the paperwork, staying connected through their mobile devices or smart phones and not to mention balancing family and social commitments, their lives more often than not appears to resemble Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. Yet how busy is too busy to be grateful?

What random acts of kindness and gratitude are being left in the dust under this excuse of “I’m too busy.”

What does being too busy suggest to others?

  • Uncaring?
  • Arrogant?
  • Unaware?
  • Poor business ethics?
  • Clueless?

In a free PR opportunity through my daily digest of HARO, I became aware of a column written by Maureen Dowd specific to gratitude and the behavior of sending thank you cards or notes. She wrote about Paul Newman who in spite of his very busy schedule and his natural cynicism sent personal thank you cards. Now one might think that someone of Mr. Newman’s statue and schedule would just be too busy to be grateful. However given his business ethics as reflected through his behaviors toward others such as his charitable works, I was not surprised by her comment.

To stand out in the busy now global marketplace is difficult. However by being authentic in one’s business ethics and demonstrating a consistent attitude of gratitude, you can Be that Red Jacket among all the other gray suits.

President Theodore Roosevelt said it the best “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Handwritten thank you notes show you care and are not too busy to be grateful. In small business to big business people buy on emotions first. Caring is the first step to developing those emotions as well as building trust.

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4 Responses to “Too Busy To Be Grateful?”

  • Hi Leanne, thank you for posting this article and for further affirming what should be taught in basic as well as advanced business classes everywhere: people respond positively to individual human attention.
    Automation can drain the sincerity right out of a simple act of kindness. In my opinion, certain actions which are commonly automated in businesses today should be done personally. I agree that handwriting thank you notes and cards will make a significant impact on your vendors as well as your clients and make it easier for them to forgive you when things don’t go as smoothly as planned.
    Being in the habit of expressing gratitude is one of the most proactive things we can do. The effects of it flow over into every aspect of our lives. It is a valuable, hard asset that can be measured in direct benefits to our customers, our friends, our family and ourselves.
    Philip Quintas recently posted..An Awesome Prayer of Blessing

  • Good afternoon Phillip and you are welcome. Your point about responding to human attention is to true and so very basic and yet it appears to be ignored. An attitude of gratitude comes truly from within. The sending of cards is just a reflection of that internal belief systems. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith

  • First, thanks for attributing that quotation – I’ve always thought it was Zig Ziglar.

    I’ve found that people tend to avoid little ways of showing their gratitude, at least in sales, because either they think it falls outside of selling or they don’t see it as building a relationship on a solid footing. When the excuse comes up that, I’m too busy, when I did further, it’s usually – fear of some sort. So, salespeople just drop the ball. Thanks for a thoughtful post.
    Patricia Weber recently posted..Are You Someone Who Talks Politics, Religion, And Sex?

  • Patricia – I had thought it was John Maxwell until I did some more research. The attitude of gratitude, I believe, is embedded within a person even when they are busy. I also believe it comes from all those early childhood thank you notes that were laboriously constructed for what appeared to be hours on end. 🙂


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