"Leadership is all about results."
—Peter Drucker

Small Business Owners, Sales Professionals to C Level Executives

Are You Having Leadership Challenges?

Leadership can make or break any organization or individual. Yet, how does an organization, small business owner to solo-entrepreneur develop sustainable leadership for all concerned or is to coin a phrase "Fail-Safe"?

The authors Linda Martin and Dr. David Mutchler have answered just that question: How to develop leadership? From providing a quick checklist to demonstrating the three different levels of business alignment, this leadership book truly boils down leadership into its simplest elements. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company seeking the answer to "How to develop leadership? or an individual seeking "How to develop self-leadership?," this book can help you answer either question.

In less than 150 pages, you can begin to understand why most of my clients who have read this book agree that it is the best book currently available leadership be it organizational leadership or self leadership. Imagine just in less than 3 hours you can read this leadership book. After you read the book, please give me, Leanne Hoagland Smith, a call or send me an email, sharing your thoughts.

As an added bonus, the authors included questions at the end of each chapter for further reflection. If you have some leadership challenges, this book will begin to serve as a guide to unraveling those challenges and presenting some possible solutions.

Fail-Safe LeadershipFail-Safe Leadership: Straight Talk About Correcting The Leadership Challenges in Your Organization by Linda L. Martin, Founder of Resource Associates Corporation and Dr. David G. Mutchler, President of Leadership Development Systems, LLC.

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This is truly a quick read (under 3 hours), but packed with an incredible insight as to what separates high performance organizations or individuals from the rest of the pack. If you or your organization could become "Fail-Safe", what would that mean to your bottom line? The small investment of $20.00 includes shipping can potentially yield thousands of dollars.

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