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Are you seeking quality information that can help you both personally and professionally? And you do not want to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the price or click on another page?

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This page is dedicated to top quality combination e books and e workbooks that have all been created with the expressed goal to help people in the ongoing efforts for self improvement and self directed learning. These books are the result of successfully delivered seminars and workshops.

Special Offer for Triage Business Planning E-Book

What's Your Plan?

Don't have time to hire a business coach or executive coach to help you write your business plan? Don't have time to attend strategic planning workshop or teleconference? Then maybe you will have time for this eBook Triage Business Planning.

This simple eBook takes you through the steps of stopping the bleeding in your small business or even department. The eBook includes:

The one page action plans each have a value of $17 USD couple that with the proven goal setting worksheet and the added items, total value easily exceeds $200. Until December 10, the initial price for this powerful eBook that will stop the bleeding and get you to where you want to be will be just $19.97 plus any applicable taxes. Delivery will be electronic within 24-48 hours after receipt of payment.

Payment of $19.97 USD

After receiving notification of payment, the eBook will be emailed to you electronically within 24-48 hours. Please make sure your email will receive coach at If you have any questions or problems, please call 219.759.5601 CST.

Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits, The Keys to Unlocking Sales Success

This e-workbook is to compliment the hard copy book - Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits, The Keys to Unlocking Sales Success available at Amazon or from this site as an autographed copy.

Within the be the Red Jacket sales book, there was a lot of learning that being the application of knowledge. However to truly reach that next level of sales success demands that you apply what you have learned. To help you, I created a workbook that allows you to:

This workbook is in a PDF format and is delivered electronically. Within this workbook are proven tools with a retail value in excess of $200. However, the value to your bottom line can easily exceed several thousand dollars. Just think about all those repetitive challenges, missed opportunities because you failed to take action on what you have just learned.

$9.97 USD plus any appropriate sales taxes.

Three Missing Pieces for Organizational & Personal Success

Many books on self improvement or finding the key to success fail to include these 3 missing pieces. This e-book is really a combination e-book and an e-workbook designed to help you get closer to the success that you want for yourself or your business. Your investment is $37.00 (USD) plus applicable sales taxes and at least 3 hours of your time.

Also, you will receive these additional bonuses at no charge with your paid purchase.

  1. The one page Personal Growth Action Plan tool - $57.00 value
  2. Guidelines for the Action Plan - $27.00 value
  3. 7.5 Step Goal Worksheet - $27.00 value
  4. Goal Setting Guideline - $17.00 value

A $155.00 value and yours for just $37.00 (USD)

Many people talk about creating an action plan, but fail to provide you with the necessary tools. These people have set you up to fail and I will not walk you down that path.

You will have the ability:

All on just one sheet of paper. How cool is that? And your total investment is $37.00 (USD).

If you think this is way too cheap, you are right. However, I believe that performance improvement is not rocket science and should not be at rocket science prices. So, way not take advantage of my belief and receive tremendous value because now you have a very practical and doable tool from which to plan your work and work your plan.

$37.00 (USD)

You will receive your electronic combination book and workbook within 24 to 72 hours upon verification from PayPal. Please contact me if you do not receive this e-book and make sure that your email will accept email from leanne at

I look forward to hearing your testimonials. If you find Three Missing Pieces for Organizational & Personal Success... to have value, please send your testimonials and maybe yours will appear on this page along with your website.

One quick question: Did you achieve all of your goals that you thought about during the first of the year? If so, GREAT! If not, then


Most people admit to wasting 12 minutes each work day. This amounts to 1 hour per week or 50 hours per year provided you get a 2 week vacation. What is this wasted time costing you?

Just imagine reinvesting that lost time and see those wasted minutes turn into productive ones that will help you achieve not only more sales, but a better and more balanced life. Of course, you could still continue to be one of the many instead of one of the few.


If you still haven't made a decision, then possibly you are asking these questions:

  • Why Leanne? Answer: Because she has a proven track record. She has written over 600 articles. She has worked with multi billion dollar organizations to executive professionals. She has secured mesureable and sustainable results for her clients.
  • What's in it for Me? Answer: Because you want to improve your life and achieve those things that you want. Bottom line, you do not like being where you currently are.
  • Why Executive Coaching? Answer: Because you have tried other solutions and they have not given your the results that you want. Or other solutions do not work with your schedule, interfere with your schedule and reduce your productivity or free time.
  • Why This Time? Answer: Because if you do not act now, when will you act, next year when you are in a similar place?
  • Why This Investment? Answer: Because you have already spent far more by not taking action. The quick fix doesn't work. There is no magic pill at no cost to help you get what you want. If you are serious, then you understand you are making an investment in yourself. If you can invest $1.00 and get another $1.00 or even $2.00 more in actual dollars to increased value within your personal life, then is cost the real issue?
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