Your Culture Is Your Opportunity to Create Sustainable Business Growth

Peter Drucker said Culture will eat strategy for breakfast. Today I believe the real issue is:

Culture will eat execution for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and all snacks in between.

In 2006, Kaplan and Norton published The Execution Premium from which many reference the failure of execution based upon:

The rationale is if an employee does not understand the strategy, he or she cannot link their daily behaviors to execute strategy. This rationale suggests the failure to execute business growth strategy is anywhere between 60 to 90% in the majority of organizations.

Additionally this comprehensive survey revealed that misalignment is also a critical piece to effective execution. When business growth strategy and execution are not in alignment, both strategy and execution fail. The authors of Fail-Safe Leadership go into great detail about how to create alignment through the organizational strategic planning process to actual execution.

Cultural gaps also surface through the Gallup Annual Employee Engagement Survey that continues to suggest the following:

These three facts are being faced by the small businesses with fewer than 20 employees representing 97.7% of all U.S. businesses to the big businesses with over 500 employees representing less than .5% of all U.S. businesses.

The challenge for small businesses is they do not have the “deep pockets” of the large firms to hire the big and expensive consulting firms.

What would it mean for any small business especially one in aggressive growth to identify the culture gaps that prevent employee engagement and consequently how to execute strategy in the following areas:

Now there is a very affordable cultural assessment tool than can hone in on any one of these areas with a series of questions.

All you must do is to determine the category you wish to gain greater clarity such as Leadership and all of your employees can respond anonymously to these questions. Upon conclusion, you will be sent the responses and can have a face to face meeting or a telephone conference with a trained facilitator to determine your next steps.

Your investment in this cultural assessment tool is based upon the number of employees.

Upon completion of this cultural assessment tool, you will receive a report ranking all responses using the following criteria:

From this report, your executive leadership team can determine how to better prioritize what first action to take as this tool ranks the best to the worse responses as well. Additionally the results may reveal some:

Just imagine if you are like 97.7% of all U.S. business with fewer than 20 employees for under $300 you can quickly ascertain where to direct your decision making to ensure effective execution of your business growth strategy.

The Hard Question Facing You Is:

What will the failed execution of my strategic growth initiatives cost me?

The answer will be far more than just $300 USD.

Call me, Leanne Hoagland-Smith, at 219.508.2859 USA central time to schedule this cultural assessment tool and have your answers in hand within 7-10 days if not sooner.

Remember this is an investment in the future of your mid-size to small business especially if you are in intensive growth mode and cannot afford any miss steps including disengaged employees or failed execution of your business growth strategy.

Call 219.508.2859 now to discover the barriers preventing you from moving forward.


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