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A Short Story - Years ago, a teenager left her country and traveled to America to work and to earn money. She left and then returned again,learning more and earning more. When she returned home the second time, she married and had a family holding on tight to the goal to return to America, the land of opportunity where she could receive what she believed for her family and herself.

Finally almost 20 years later, after 4 children and a fifth on the way, she and her husband landed at Ellis Island. With hard work and an incredible belief system, she built a solid foundation for all of her children and grandchildren to come. With life a little harder, but much simpler, this 4'9" with her strong positive beliefs was able to accomplish incredible feats from farming 40 acres in the wilderness of Wisconsin to working through the depression near the slums of Chicago. How do I know about this exceptional woman? Simple, she was my grandmother who shared with me her ongoing desire to go where she had never gone before by doing what she had never done before. Her passion for life never left her even into her 80's when she passed on.

How can you get to where you want to be? Today's world is far different one than the early 1900's. We experience more change in one year that our grandparents experienced their entire life time.

If you could be the exceptional person who consistently achieves her or his dreams and goals, what would your life look life RIGHT now?

Research suggests that only one exceptional person out of 10 achieve his or her life long dreams, desires, passions and goals. That is why my Swedish grandmother was exceptional.

So, how can you be exceptional and how can your business become exceptional?

Simply speaking, the answer is through business coaching or executive coaching.

According to research from Fortune 500 companies, the impact of corporate coaching delivers anywhere from $2 to $10 for every $1 invested. Additionally, this same research indicates that the results are more immediate because of ongoing opportunities for direct feedback and execution.

Are you satisfied at being common or average along with those other 9 non-achievers?


Do You Long to be the EXCEPTIONAL ONE who successfully reaches that next level of achievement?

Our experience has identified some very unique differences between those who are super successful small business owners, entrepreneurs, agents professionals or just plain every day individuals from those who aren't.

Your Unsolved Challenges?

Invest two minutes to assess your performance.

Many people are seeking the magic pill or quick fix to help themselves. Let's be honest, there is NO magic pill. The development solutions that you are seeking must come from the inside of yourself and not from the outside in. If outside in truly worked, after spending 12 plus years in school and all of your life experiences, why are you still having unsolved challenges?

What Success Are You Seeking:

• Career Goal?
• Personal Goal?
• Business Goal?
• Educational Goal?
• Professional Goal?
• Organizational Goal?

Yes, There is A Secret Formula for Individual Success

Well, it really isn't a secret. It's just that most have individuals have never caught on, but we have found ways to catapult their results beyond their expectations.

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If you as an individual or an organization are facing some of the new or the same challenges and do not have the time nor the inclination for public workshops or seminars, one on one coaching may be the solution to meet your needs. ADVANCED SYSTEMS can provide one on one performance coaching, Triage Coaching© or small group corporate coaching. All coaching services are structured around a proven process improvement model that incorporates proven tools to ensure ongoing accountability, commitment and results. Delivery varies from face-to-face to telephone conferences or a combination.

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