Is Your Business Bleeding, But You Cannot Afford a Proven and Expensive Doctor?

During the last 5 years as a small business coach and executive coach, I have discovered that many small business owners including real estate agents, realtors, fiancial advisors, sales professionals and new car salesmen or new car saleswomen to even larger organizations with revenues in excess of $20 million (USD) are bleeding profits. Also after working with these same small business owners to C Level executives responsible for billions of dollars, I have realized that the stragegic planning process intimidates most people. Yet, collectively all of these business people share these three challenges

If These Challenges Could Be Met, What Would That Mean to Your Bottom Line?

The Solution To These Challenges is Triage Business Planning

Triage Business Planning simplifies the strategic planning process. Where other processes are complex, this tool is easily understood because much of the planning has been pre-determined so that you focus your energies and actions on what needs to be done.

Why Triage Business Planning?

First, you need to stop bleeding all those greenbacks. Your business cannot return to health if you are losing hundreds to thousands of dollars not to mention all the productivity necessary to produce those precious dollars.

Second, you need a simple plan that will get you back to health ASAP. By having a simple plan, you can easily view exactly where you are and do not have to thumb through tens to hundreds of pages.

Third, you may need some additional assistance or follow-ups to help you return to being a healthy business.

This is a comprehensive business action plan workbook and includes these seven one-page action plans.

  1. Business Plan (Summary of all 6 plans)
  2. Marketing Plan
  3. Sales Plan
  4. Customer Loyalty Plan
  5. Management & Leadership Plan
  6. Growth & Innovation Plan
  7. Financial Plan

What Would You Be Willing to Invest to Stop the Bleeding?

Strategic planning can be very expensive. Usually, the investment is thousands of dollars. However since most plans languish on a shelf or a desk, the expense is probably double to triple the actual dollars paid. Triage Business Planning is executable because it is goal driven.

What Does Each Plan Include?

Each business action plan is just one page that focuses on key issues within any business including.

There is much more on each one page business action plan, but if I give you everything here, why would you want to buy it? I can promise that I have incorporated my numerous years as an performance improvement strategist and executive coach to deliver to you a simple document from which you can both plan and monitor your business goals and results.

Would you Be Willing to Invest Under $100.00?

Triage Business Action Plan workbook is just $57.00 USD and includes 7 - one page action plans along with these two bonuses to help you become even more successful:

This is a over $200 value for just $57.00

$57.00 USD


If you purchase the above Triage Business Planning for $57.00, I will provide you with 1 - 30 minute FREE coaching coupon ($150 value) to be scheduled within 30 days after purchase. The session must be delivered in 60 days from time of purchase. Please note, once scheduled the coaching sessions cannot be rescheduled and that this special offer cannot be combined with any other existing offers. Also, you will need to call 219.759.5601 Chicago CDT.

Are You Where You Want Your Business Or Yourself to Be?

If you answered No to this question, then what is keeping you from being where you want to be?

Bottom Line: Will You Be One of the Few Who Master Success or One of the Many Who Fail at Business Success?

What If My Needs or Resources Require Just One to Several Plans?

Flexibility is demanded in today's business world. Each one page business action plan can be purchased separately with the guidelines. You can decide the plan or plans that best suit your needs.

Following, I have provided a brief explanation about each one page business plan along with your investment in dollars. Since I do not know your level of expertise regarding planning, I cannot determine your time investment. Historically, after the core business statements are defined and committed to writing, the balance of the each one page plan takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes.


If you purchase any two of the one page action plans, I will provide you with a FREE 30 minute coaching coupon value of $150 to be used within 30 days after purchasing 2 of the one page action plans. Please note, once scheduled the coaching session cannot be rescheduled and this special offer cannot be combined with any existing offers.

One Page Business Growth Action Plan

This is a workbook to help you create a one page business action plan. Investment is $17.00 for:

One client, a mortgage broker, using this One Page Strategic Business Growth Action Plan and 6 hours of executive coaching exceeded 2006 total revenue (mid 5 figures) by mid-October 2007. Her investment in ADVANCED SYSTEMS of less than $1,000 will increase her income by at least 33% in 2007 (low 6 figures) in spite of the turmoil within the real estate and housing industry. Would you like to have similar results?

$17.00 USD

One Page Marketing Business Growth Action Plan

This is a workbook to help you create a one page marketing action plan. Investment is $17.00 for:

$17.00 USD

One Page Sales Growth Action Plan

This is a workbook to help you create a one page sales action plan. Investment is $17.00 for

$17.00 USD

One Page Customer Loyalty Action Plan

This is a workbook to help you create a one page customer loyalty action plan. Investment is $17.00 for:

$17.00 USD

One Page Management & Leadership Action Plan

This is a workbook to help you create a one page management & leadership action plan. Investment is $17.00 for:

$17.00 USD

One Page Innovation & Growth Action Plan

This is a workbook to help you create a one page innovation and growth action plan. Investment is $17.00 for:

$17.00 USD

One Page Financial Action Plan

This is a workbook to help you create a one page financial action plan. Investment is $17.00 for:

$17.00 USD

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