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"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it's the same problem you had last year."
—John Foster Dulles

There Are Only 2 Measurements in Business

Before you can assess any organiation or any individual in the business world to get you closer to business success, you need to know the bottom line measurements otherwise why would you be investing your time, energy and those precious dollars?

Most businesses usually only have one of the 2 measurements correct and that is PROFITS. And yet these very same and astute business owners fail to calculate the second critical measurement.


The majority of your current problems are really symptoms in dsguise. Be them:

Reflect your inability to understand the the purpose of business

Attract and Maintain Customers

Customer loyalty or rather the lack of customer loyalty is your REAL issue. All assessments need to be directly connected to how well your organization is doing to attract and maintain relationships. If you agree with this, then check your most recent Profit and Loss Statement or other such financial reports and look for anything that specifically measures relationships. Now you may understand why you are still facing serious challenges to achieve business success.

Would You Like to Assess By Working Smarter and Not Harder?"

The first question to be asked is: What is keeping me from having Loyal Customers?

When this question is correctly answered, then all actions can be directed to the same goal and thus begins to reduce wasted resources of time, energy, money and emotions. HINT: Your executive team needs to look at your business or organization from your customers' perspectives (both external and internal) if you truly want to have a culture of high performance. We call this walking in your customers' shoes.

The second question that needs to be answered: Is everyone moving directionally correct within the business or organization to exactly the same desired end results that being loyal customers?

When this question is correctly answered, you will be able to ask anyone within your organization to answer this question and receive exactly the same answer from each and every individual: What are the top 3 goals for this organization as you perceive them to be? Try this question of a random sampling of your employees and see how many answers you receive. HINT: Remember, people's focus is their reality.

The final question that needs to be answered is: Are the solutions aligned with operating systems, leadership systems and strategies?

When this question is correctly answered, your business will avoid creating silo solutions that may fix one problem, but result in additional problems downstream. Continous improvement is for everyone in your culture and cannot be just relegated to production while management's behaviors are potentially causing some critical performance gaps. HINT: Ever hear of the old adage: People do not leave companies, they leave managers?

Assessing any organization is not easy, but it is fairly simple when done correctly. After the organizational assessment is completed, then and only then can you determine what solutions need to take place.

Assessing Relationships

Are your people great relationship builders with each other and with your customers?

To help you answer that question, ADVANCED SYSTEMS has created several assessments. Whether you are trying to build Fail-Safe Leadership in your organization or to improve individuals skill sets from sales to time management, we are pleased to help you start on that path to master success for your business or yourself.

These assessment have been provided to create some insight into the performance symptoms facing both organizations and individuals. The secret to sustainable performance is to identify the core problem and treat the problem, not the symptom.

An important question to consider:

decorative imageIf our solutions could help you conquer these symptoms, what would that mean to you in terms of money, leadership, relationships and future growth or innovation?

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