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decorative imageADVANCED SYSTEMS is all about the most advanced systems in our world—PEOPLE achieving Performance success.

For without people and their contributions of creativity, dedication, insight and productivity, our civilization, our schools and your business would not be where it is. Yet, the untapped potential residing within these advanced systems lays untouched and in many cases diminished by the unintentional actions of other advanced systems.

Balance is Necessary for Results

By working with a business coaching & training developmental learning process that creates both alignment and balance, we quickly build internal motivators which are demonstrated through measurable positive behavior changes leading to the results of improved profits, improved productivity and improved performance. One of the most frequently asked questions that we employ on an ongoing basis with potential clients and our current clients is:

decorative imageAre You Where You Want To Be?

ADVANCED SYSTEMS is all about helping:

Our process improvement begins by understanding that sustainable change must come from within each because no one can change anyone for any length of time. This first step allows ADVANCED SYSTEMS to consistently realize its values, vision and mission statements.

Our Values Statement

ADVANCED SYSTEMS' values will continually raise the B.A.R. for our clients and stakeholders

Daily behaviors will demonstrate creativity, faith, gratitude, intelligence, innovation, intuition, learning, patience, quality work, reflection, respect, risk taking and thoughtfulness as we work with our clients and meet new individuals. .

decorative imageOur Vision Statement

ADVANCED SYSTEMS and their strategic partners are united in their determination to BLAZE a global trail for personal and organizational excellence. By being recognized as one of the premier providers for sustainable change especially for organizations between 50 to 250 employees, sales forces with 25 to 100 team members or forward thinking leaders who wish to reach that next level of success, ADVANCED SYSTEMS will work together to ensure a place of excellence for all. Our ongoing TRAIL BLAZING will be because of a continued stream of quality referrals from our loyal clients, our strategic partnerships as well as from our website.

Our Mission Statement

ADVANCED SYSTEMS' mission as the TRAILBLAZERS of sustainable results is to continually raise the BAR of excellence by:

What Makes Us Different?

That is a really good question. Many companies and consultants within the arenas of:

indicate that they are different and can provide you, the client, with the best results. Well, they probably can if you have a large enough budget and unlimited time. Our answer to what makes us different is we work with you to double performance or results in real time.

Difference Number One: ADVANCED SYSTEMS works with you, but you, the client, are ultimately responsible for the results. Again, no one can change anyone's behavior. The processes and tools work with you to help you identify your " the Five (5)P-Gaps"—Performance, Productivity, Profitability, Progress, Perception & Potential.

Difference Number Two: ADVANCED SYSTEMS' belief system is one of simplicity. With the world becoming even more complex, keeping it simple for the client is the bottom line. Implementation of any solution should not be so complex that the individual or the management team needs 10 flip charts and a four-inch ring binder to understand it. Hence, this is why ADVANCED SYSTEMS works with each individual to build and reinforce her or his own strengths because winning teams win due to the strengths of each individual team member, not the weaknesses. This difference is why we use a business coaching & training approach. One such example of our simple approach, but highly effective is our Free assessment.

Difference Number Three: ADVANCED SYSTEMS begins with the desired end results. If you have a problem or a current challenge and wish to employ a solution, ADVANCED SYSTEMS will ask you the following question:

After everything is said and done, what results
do you wish to receive from this solution?

From this answer is where you, the client, and ADVANCED SYSTEMS begin to create a results driven solution that will demonstrate a positive return on investment (ROI). Hence the solutions are tied directly to the bottom line. Consequently, ADVANCED SYSTEMS works with top management to create a cascade effect allowing the solution to begin at the top and work through the entire organization.

One of the easier ways to begin is to hold a Customer Loyalty & Awareness 1 to 3 day workshop (depending upon the size of your team and the size of your facility) for senior to executive management. This hands on workshop helps to not only determine the value of your customers, but also helps to determine if your points of connections are connected to any wasted activities.

Let's be honest, doesn't it make more sense to enact a results based solution that begins at the top and is directly connected to the goals, vision or mission of the entire team?

Difference Number Four: ADVANCED SYSTEMS is processed focused. Process as defined by Webster is " a continuing development involving many changes." The four key principles within our process are Belief Identification and Acknowledgment, Attitude Development, Interpersonal Skill Development and Goal Achievement.

This process works with any individual, within any industry including education, health care and manufacturing and within both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Also, this process helps the clients to overcome silo solutions therefore avoiding costly new silo problems allowing them to shine as world class organizations.

Difference Number Five: ADVANCED SYSTEMS builds long term growth and learning relationships with clients. Through a variety of different roles including facilitator, trainer, coach, mentor, partner and trusted advisor, ADVANCED SYSTEMS provides clients with added value not just by sharing knowledge and resources, "but by going the extra mile."

John Foster Dulles said, "the true measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem, but whether it was the same one that you had last year." So, why not give me, Leanne Hoagland-Smith a call at 219.508.2859 CST or drop us an email if you truly wish to achieve your dreams and goals.


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