"True voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes, but seeing with new eyes."
Marcel Proust

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Small Business Owners, Sales Professionals to C Level Executives

Think Your Greatest Limitation instead of Your Greatest Weakness

In the 21st century, the greatest limitation for those in small business will be the inability to align human capital with management. For people and operations to function with maximum efficiency and effectiveness will be increasingly critical due to ongoing:

No longer will human capital be relegated to the HR Department. Nor will organizational operations be disconnected silos on some vast marketplace plain.

Success for small business owners, sales professionals and even C Level Executives will be for those who embrace this Next Generation of Talent Management.

By embracing this new paradigm, solving these challenges will be far easier:

Next Generation of Talent Management

The Next Generation of Talent Management works with the Galbraith's 5 Star Alignment Model where Strategies, Structure, Processes, Rewards and People work in conjuncture and alignment to ACE the desired results.




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"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."
Albert Einstein

These 3 key values are present in all of our solutions and is what allows our clients to stay ahead of the flow

If you as a small business owner, sales professional or C Suite Executive want a new Status Quo and are considering any of these solutions:

Then you may wish to give ADVANCED SYSTEMS a call because our name say it all. We support the most ADVANCED SYSTEMS in our world - People. Finally, the strategies, proven processes and tools and connectivity we share with our clients processes work because we live them!

Signed Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S. Chief Results Officer of ADVANCED SYSTEMS

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